10,00 kW windturbine


45,00 kW windturbine


80,00 kW windturbine

"Our small windturbines offer versatile height options, making them suitable for any environment." You benefit from the same techniques that make large windturbines so profitable, but at much lower costs. Like blades that rotate. An independent weather station with information about wind direction and wind speed. And smart software that maximizes the potential of the wind. We carefully determine the right type of windturbine based on the energy needs and energy profile of your company.


BW10 / BW45 / BW80


10 kW / 45 kW / 80 kW

Hub Height

50 ft / 65 ft / 85 ft / 100 ft / 130 ft

Economic lifespan

25 years

Technical lifespan

35 years

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We determine the wind speed based on the Wind Atlas. The hub height and environmental factors (such as forests or buildings) can also have a significant impact. The maximum hub height depends on municipal policy."

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energy storage

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, companies strive to embrace green energy sources. Some companies have already taken this step and are equipped with a windturbine and/or solar panels. These green energy sources are a great start, but something essential is still missing: energy storage through a battery.


A battery is the missing link that enables companies to operate fully on green energy, without relying on non-renewable energy. With an energy storage system, excess energy generated by the windturbine or solar panels can be safely stored. Additionally, using a battery can save on a larger connection and smartly manage the sale of energy.

At Windepenery, we understand that investing in a battery can be an exciting step. That's why we are ready to personally visit you and provide comprehensive information about battery energy storage. We are happy to offer tailored advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Leave your details or contact us directly! Together, we can pave the way towards a sustainable and energy-independent future.

solar panels

With solar panels from Windepenergy, you make the most of the sun. We offer top-quality A-grade solar panels with high efficiency. This smart and profitable solution is especially effective when combined with one or more small windturbines. With this comprehensive solution, you generate the right amount of sustainable energy all year round.

The combination of sun and wind energy provides an even higher return. Interested? Request more information.


Explore Canada's vast solar potential with our interactive maps showcasing Photovoltaic potential and solar resources. Navigate the sunlit opportunities across the country for a sustainable energy future.

Check the Potential and Solar Resource Maps of Canada. 

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off grid wind & solar

High-end batteries for Off-, On- and Smart-Grid installations. Commonly used for ESS and peakshaving applications in combination with solar and wind. The system can also support additional loads to those listed when connected to a generator. In addition, if a generator is connected and the batteries are depleted and no wind and solar power is available, the system will send a start signal to the generator to provide power and charge the batteries.

Unlock sustainable energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional needs. Battery storage systems maximize independence. Break free from traditional power grids, reduce costs, and embrace a sustainable future. Explore our off-grid wind & solar solutions and join the green revolution today!


Mini grid or microgrid

When a (small) community, farm or company is looking for their own electricity grid, a mini grid can be the perfect solution.

A mini grid, which is also called a micro grid or isolated grid, can provide 10 kWh up to 2 MWh of energy storage. This means it can provide a limited number of consumers with energy. It can operate and store energy isolated from the electricity grid and operate autonomously in a remote location.

Additionally a mini grid can also function as a back-up system in case of power outages (black-out).


Peak Shaving​

With peak shaving a battery system is used to provide more energy when the demand is higher than the available energy. This principle can be applied in several ways.

When using peak shaving for a diesel generator, the battery system adds more power to the generator when there is a high demand for energy. By doing so, the strain on the generator decreases, preventing it from being overloaded and improving the energy efficiency. These benefits also translate into cost savings through longer generator lifespans and fewer maintenance needs.

Furthermore, when using peak shaving for grid supply, the battery system provides energy when the grid does not supply sufficient energy. This provides a reliable source of power for vital systems where the supply of energy is not reliable. In summary, the integration of peak shaving is a trusted method that guarantees reliability and efficiency for overall system performance.


Become your own energy supplier

Generate your own energy for 100% with a combination of solar panels and a small wind turbine.


Including service and maintenance

During the term, all service, warranty, maintenance and insurance are included. 100% certainty.


Doing business with a view

The energy market is changing rapidly. Invest now for later.


Real-time insight yield

Always inside information about
your generated energy with your WindUp App.


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